General Questions

1. If I purchase your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? 

A: We provide free upgrade in limited versions. Please keep you eyes on our site to get upgrade info. If the upgrade isn't free, the old users can get a preferential price to upgrade their software 

2. I want a CD-ROM, how could I? 

A: When you order our product, you can check the option "Add a CD ROM". You need pay an extra fee of $9.95 for the CD ROM. If you live in the US, you are supposed to receive the CD within a week. 

3. How to apply the upgrade of my software? 

A: We will send the upgrade reminding Email to you once we have upgrade version. If the upgrade is free, you can get a link to download our licensed version. If the upgrade isn't free, you will see the link leading you to upgrade. Also you can select to unsubscribe our newsletter, then you won't receive our Email any more. 

4. How to register your software? 

A: After you purchase our software - you can find the purchase link on our site as well as in our software - we will send the registration info to you via Email within one business day. Enter the registration info to register it. 

5. I entered the license code you sent to me, but the software said "Registration info is invalid.". Why? 

A: You'd better copy and paste the license code to avoid a typo. And please note don't add any blank before or after the code. And another attention: are you sure you ordered the right product? Some users mis-ordered Bingo! DVD Ripper and DVD Audio Ripper. 

6. Do I need to re-register after I re-install the software? 

A: No, you don't have to re-enter your registration info. Our software will memory you registration status. 

7. When will I receive my license code after I complete the order? 

A: Normally you'll receive the license code by Email immediately after you complete the order.If you haven't received our Email in several hours, maybe there's something wrong(for example, our Email is blocked by your Email service provider). Please contact us at [email protected] (You should make your OrderID enclosed). Another Email address is very important to avoid the Email sending failure. 

8. I lost my license code, can you send again? 

A: Sure. But you'd better provide your OderID or some info in your order(such as the Email you used to order) so that we can find your info in our database. 

9. I don't have a credit card. Is it possible to buy your product with PayPal? 

A: Yes, you can. To pay us by PayPal, please go 

But there is some inconvenience to use PayPal. First, you'll wait for longer time to receive the license code, for the process is operated by hand. Second, you can't order the CD-ROM version, for the CD-ROM is only provided by our registration agent. 

10. How long will it take to get your supporting response? 

A: We promise to answer you within 2 days(not business day). But in most cases you'll get our response in a few hours or immediately.