DVD Audio Ripper FAQ

1. Can I rip a DVD-Audio? 

A: At present, Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) doesn't support audio-only tracks. That is, Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) can't handle AOB files which are located in AUDIO_TS folder and have a different encrypt scheme. If you only see still picture or no picture when you playback a track with software DVD player, you will know that is audio-only track. A DVD-Audio disc may have video part which should be located in VIDEO_TS. In that case, you could be able to rip it. 

2. Why a message "Too much sample" pops up when Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) begins to load a DVD? 

A: That message shows the DVD contains audio-only tracks. Using the latest version, you can choose skip these tracks so that the error doesn't influence the following ripping. 

3. My DVD drive cannot play DVD after installing Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave)? What's wrong? 

A: Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) automatically installs the new version of ASPI driver (4.71.2) when installing. If your software DVD player doesn't support the new version of ASPI, it won't work. You don't have to uninstall Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave), just need to reinstall your software DVD player or burning software to restore ASPI. 

4. When I load a DVD, the default audio channel is English LPCM 2ch (0xA0). If I change it to English AC3 6ch (0x81), it changes back as soon as I start encoding. Why? 

A: You may only change Title1 to AC3, so when it goes to Title2 it will resume to LPCM. You must highlight each title(Title1 and Title2), then select AC3, because each title may have different audio channel. 

5. Why is the "To" input box grey when encoding segment? 

A: The "To" input box of "Encode Segment" window wasn't allowed to edit when the software was designed. We're considering to let it editable because some users are confused by it. If you want a clip, please choose "Encode Segment" in File menu, then enter the beginning time and the duration of the song. For example, you want a clip from 00:20:20 to 00:35:00, you should enter From 00:20:20 and the Length is 00:14:40. 

6. When I finished ripping, I just got a distorted voice. How to fix it? 

A: Distorted sound is related to the lose of sound quality during compression. You also may resolve it by changing an audio track in Audio combo-box. Generally, LPCM is the best, and then AC3 2ch, AC3 6ch. Or maybe the voice when ripping is too loud, you can try to turn it down in "Settings" menu - "Input Settings" - "Audio" area - "Volume". 

7. I tried ripping the audio to WAV and MP3 files. Neither worked. All files created were simply of white noise. Any suggestions? 

A: The white noise problem may be caused by 24 bit LPCM. At present, Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) only can process 16 bit sound (16 bit sound is standard), so if the audio track is 24 bit, the output file will be white noise. You can choose AC3 in "Audio" combo-box.

8. I want to make an audio CD with the ripped file, what can I do? 

A: Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) doesn't provide burning function. However, you can use any burning program or Window Media Player to do it. Firstly, rip the DVD and save it as WAV format. Then use a burning program like Nero to burn the output files to audio CD. You also can use Windows Media Player to burn a CD, even it can burn MP3 to an audio CD. 

9. What is CSS? Why does the software say "Cannot find DeCSS key"? 

A: CSS is an encryption/encoding method which is used in DVD. The target of CSS is to protect DVD from being copy. DeCSS is the method used to decrypt these DVDs. So when the software decode a DVD, it need a DeCSS key. Without it, the software cannot rip the DVD. 

We have found ImTOO DVD Ripper or Bingo! DVD Audio Ripper (DVD to MP3 & Wave) cannot find the key from a few DVDs. If you like, you can tell me the title of the DVD so that we can try to get it to test. Most of DVDs can be ripped normally. 

10. I heard hissing noise in the output file. Why? 

A: Please firstly make sure the sound in the DVD are normal. Then there are two ways may resolve the problem. 

1. Increase the volume in "Input Settings" window. If the ripping volume is too low and you raise it when playback, you may hear the noise. 

2. Try to select other audio channels if the DVD has. The order is LPCM 2ch, AC3 2ch, LPCM, AC3. LPCM 2ch is the best choice which can ensure a good sound quality. 

11. I want to get a completed file without being split, how can I do? 

A: You can choose "Custom Size" or "Custom Time" in "Volume Size" combo-box and set it to a large number such as 800MB or 120Min by clicking "Settings" button to avoid the output file being split. 

12. The software says "Cannot allocate memory for the temporary buffer." What can I do? 

A: Please open the Settings menu - Input Settings window. There's an input box after "Save your DVD drive". Did you change the number? The default is 10MB. If you changed to a large number which exceeded your RAM, the error would appear. If you didn't change any settings, please increase your virtual memory to have a try. Right-click "My computer" and select "Properties". In "Advanced" panel, click "Settings" button of "Performance" area. At the bottom of "Advanced" panel, click "Change" button to change the virtual memory.