Ordinary people monitoring LAN MSN whole process


I write" exclusive": ordinary people also can monitor MSN" a draft, many industry friends to question the question, mainly has two aspects: first, called false reports, said only in the gateway computer to monitor. Second, the report did not write the other IM tools, namely is judged as a competitor to the MSN gun. Of course I don't know who questioned for what purpose, just as the incident parties, it is necessary to explain the objective situation.

First, about the authenticity of reports.

On this point, writing before I seriously tested, the confirmation of the facts, I only write script, here five days. If you see the article" MSN Chat using only Monitor & Sniffer" software, the switch consists of a local area network, you may only see their own chat logs. However you see here begins to scold the author reports do not actually avoid premature, in fact, you tell the author of before, I'm sorry you didn't reading report reads, reported in text such a" at the same time, the network engineer told Netease technology, even in the safe degree of higher in the network, with the use of a gateway cheat software, can conveniently monitor", many of the company's network may be used for routing or switching form, in this case, only need to download another one gateway cheat software, with MSN Chat Monitor & Sniffer software, can easily monitor the LAN MSN, but your computer fundamental don't need in gateway. For the convenience of the students this question test, now posted I was testing scheme for reference.

The first step, a gateway cheat software (WinArpSpoofer ), installation, operation. Click the WinArpSpoofer menu in the "operation" --" scanning". Then click the menu in the "operation" --" began to cheat".

The second step, open the MSN Chat Monitor & Sniffer software, click the menu" control" --" began", you can see the list of LAN MSN chat message. (note that the menu" control" --" select adapter" must choose on your LAN network card )

If in this way is not friends, please consult your side real network engineer. If you are for testing purposes, can also send e-mail to me, I will be glad to help you.

In second, the purpose of writing

As an author, it is necessary to put some rules or not by the readers know information communication to the public, to information equality, it is criterion. If we know the situation of the people, should know this thing severity. To the public it, allowing more people to avoid unnecessary losses, but also can promote the development and update software. So when writing, and not how to monitor as a key, this is what we don't need to see, our purpose is to let others know that MSN is easy listening. In this way, causing some people have to monitor success, but questioned the authenticity of the article. Another point, the article is not mentioned in the other IM software, is the way I see it, the domestic IM are usually encrypted transmission, to monitor is not easy thing, such as QQ and Netease bubble, other users not less software testing, because of limited significance. If anyone think QQ and Netease bubble can also like MSN easy access, please tell me the news clues, will thank.