MSN SPY SNIFFER software downloads of over four or five times


Last Thursday morning news reported" your MSN chat anyone can see", disclosed the online MSN monitoring software. This is caused in the reader not small echo, people began to worry about their conversation is being spied on, however there are also many netizens on the spyware itch for a try. Reportedly, some IT website, the software a few days to download a quantity to rise sharply, even over four or five times.

Headquartered in Shanghai, a IT editor confirmed, these days they online MSN monitoring software links to click rate"

It shot up," after a weekend, download times than usual to increase four or five times. His smile" also do not know everybody eager to download this software what is in the heart". According to the editor 's view, in this day of related MSN spyware reported in the media, more and more people know about this software, a lot of people out of curiosity to download the software," they just want to have a look this thing open try, what is it right? Really on their privacy threat." But he also says," does not exclude some users download monitoring software is to have an ulterior motive."

Pay attention to MSN spy software not only users, many of the IM instant messaging tool provider is also very close attention to the relevant information. QQ in the domestic users the most extensive, MSN is also a powerful competitor. The Tencent Inc responsible for public relations services vice president Liu Chang told reporters:" we've just heard that there is a MSN monitoring software, is aware of the events in progress." She emphasized immediately, QQ current safety performance is good.

Then MSN what measures? Recently from the MSN ( China ) Shanghai branch of a staff member learned, MSN ( China ) headquarters in Beijing but the disclosure in the media before they already know there is one for MSNmessenger spy software exists, in June this year, an internal meeting, upper MSN is already required relevant departments to undertake special subject studies, took out a report on the monitoring software.

The report 's ultimate goal is to improve the security of MSNmessenger? This software in the prevalence of many MSN users is a potential threat, even for MSN company itself also has many negative effects, MSN company will hold the monitoring software developers and dissemination of the law responsibility of the current MSN users? What kind of method can ensure our privacy will not be uncovered? QQ and some other IM instant messaging tool can avoid undesirable software surveillance? Reporters have put these questions to the MSN ( China ), Tencent and other IM instant messaging software provider, result how, please pay attention to the morning news reported.