MSN Chat Monitor why repeatedly into focus?


MSN often become the focus, but a lot of times is not a positive focus, this time unfortunately has become a negative focus. Related to privacy, there are a lot of people peeping addiction, or subconscious people always liked about the privacy of others, although there is no benefit to oneself, but indulge selfishness, but there has always been a voyeur. This feeling seems to be in the face of their own people and things around when the performance of the more intense, after all, it is very possible and her filar silk continuously the relations of things.

Nowadays, the network white-collar more worried about is his own MSN leaks may. As long as with a monitoring software, can act recklessly and care for nobody to peep office colleague MSN live chat. This speculation with the software popular download, let office white-collar day jittery.

The author also download the" MSN Chat Monitor" software had a try, in the monitoring software, the author and others are clearly chat was monitored. Because the domain is not at the same time in the use of MSN users, making it impossible to detect is it right? In the LAN can also detect other signals. I believe in the office and use the same LAN user for this possibility exists, and it is also the most white-collar fear. After all, MSN in network white-collar use frequency is quite high, if the tool so insecure, the instant information exchange is becoming more and more worrying.

It is reported," MSN can appear this kind of information security, in fact is the main MSN software message transmission induced by the defect, because MSN software is employed to express delivery way to send instant messages, and this mode will not undergo any encryption process, is very easy to be some special monitoring software interception of instant messaging." Has the technical staff to explain.

A comparison of wonder, why Microsoft MSN transmitting information encryption? You know it is not difficult to Microsoft? Domestic instant messaging software such as POPO QQ and Netease are encrypted before transmission, and Microsoft will not know network security? Or special leave this let people on the MSN more" understanding"?

Some people do not care about their own MSN words being monitored? In fact this is completely wrong, and some who blew the privacy is the two concept, self is to be famous, is to show off, and passive to be known to others, not as was publicly stripped as awkward? Especially in the same under the eaves of colleagues, if too many communicate via MSN, it's not any secret cannot retain? Who dare say on MSN anything important? If some confidential content leaks, the consequence is more be unbearable to contemplate.

Microsoft says in the MSN also enabled a whisper encryption mode, if the user feel that the content is confidential, you can use this pattern. But this way needs both sides confirmed that, for the majority of users that do not have this kind of consciousness, or feel tedious, and prefer to use more direct chat mode. Microsoft obviously on MSN content confidentiality issues no heart, which is caused by MSN are often susceptible to eavesdropping was one of the factors.

Because MSN more located in the white-collar class, if this business in the area are widely used tool repeatedly questioned it, the MSN development is very adverse. After all, in this area is not without replacement, Tencent TM had actually been at the Yu commerce market. MSN" security door" incident, it is inevitable to more business users to the rival 's hand, doesn't know this Microsoft consider?