Instant communication should be cautious and MSN chat five coup


With the rapid development of IT technology and Internet application widely available, the instant communication as the mobile phone, has gone deep into our life, when white-collars business negotiation exchange business CARDS, in addition to a phone number, E-mail account, MSN account was marked in the clear position, therefore, MSN instant communication tools, has become the white-collars office essential to life network instant tools.

White-collar workers use MSN in daily communication, business negotiation, contract transmission, MSN chat logs also cannot avoid involves some business secrets, once management inadvertent, will be caused irreparable loss. Small make up for everyone today introduces five management MSN chat logs of small coup.

1, real-time chat protection shield:

Daily business communication, in order to ensure the safety of information communication in data, need to set an MSN firewall, between friends in "a wall inside" chat, data information will not be leakage and peep.

Coup recommend: communication both sides friends are installed "MSN protection shield", so that each other's chat data and information in ciphertext style to deliver, ensure the safety of the information transmission.

2, chat logs fast encryption:

With close friends, chat logs encryption protection to backup, backup encrypted chat on record as a greater not homey trick lock, completely eliminate the MSN after landing buddy chat records are optional steals, the possibility of theft.

Coup recommend: installation "be prepared MSN steward", select the need to chat logs password protection friends choose encryption protection, so that only through the only password check, can see the good friends with all the chat log.

3, chat logs skillful management:

White-collar workers in turnover, often can clean up its own used public computers, don't forget to your MSN chat record "ultimate" management.

Coup recommend: to avoid before MSN chat records management trouble (only a deleted or delete all person chat record) installation "be prepared MSN steward", select the advanced delete ", can choose contact and date and data storage way to delete history chat log.

4, transfer files need to scan

MSN since be white-collar workers as a business network office the necessary tools, mutual transfer files, pictures, contract is indispensable, but in accept any friends send files, be sure to remember antivirus scanning.

Coup recommend: installation "MSN protection shield", use "MSN protection shield" the&2007nbsp; largest one antivirus engine killing. Intercept all potential threat.

5, chat with record

Business white-collar workers because of frequent business trips, often in public, private office computer switch between, lead to MSN chat logs to disperse, then drew unnecessary trouble and misunderstanding, in view of the business white-collar, MSN chat logs of merger and finishing is particularly important in time, not only can greatly improve work efficiency, but also can alleviate the burden for business life.

Coup recommend: installation "be prepared MSN steward," every time on a different computer login MSN, choose need to restore the chat logs of the contact, and then to the backup chatting record before back to the local so that you can chat of different computer records seamless merger, all the historical record can be in a chat computer to be clear at a glance. This method can also be applicable in a computer system crash or poisoning cause because of the history of the loss of friends to chat record data recovery.