Come from the "nets" out: don't speak with MSN


Multilateral surveillance


These days, there not too familiar with computer friends asked me, "is the content of the MSN chat very easy to peep?" They are concerned that the main problem from such as MSN sniffer... "tool. Not only that, if you don't know enough about of local area network, thought is only open "online neighbor" visit other Shared folder, so there will be more risk!


In a network, you still dare to chat? !


The most famous of LAN eavesdropping tool, is MSN sniffer (download address, a terrible things, using his boss to monitor to employee MSN Messenger chat logs, who dare to work time with MM seasky? You may say, MSN Messenger no, that I change QQ is! Actually otherwise, QQ are not safe, just haven't tools in LAN QQ chat intercept record, but have the tools to capture in LAN QQ number.


MM people attention, if which day you in a net bar on QQ, on the upper someone with you, estimates that this is the man in the net cafe! Because he saw you are beautiful, and adopted a called QQ Sniffer (download address: software of getting your QQ number is......


Example: avoid MSN information breaches


MSN users can easily, directly from the chat window open "whispers" service functions, to encrypted chat. Operating as follows: in the dialog click "check the event list" function, choose the "private" function, invite dialogue parties using encryption services, both sides in the right of the dialog box will appear new dialogue regional "whispers", the message will be encrypted.